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    Why the Other's allowed the Losties to control the button?
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    The mystery was answered in an official ABC podcast March 20. (the time of the question is 26:15, so you don't have to search)

    Basically the Others did not know of the Swan Station until after Oceanic 815 crashed and Locke found it. The writers also imply that Locke led them to the Pearl station, where they monitored the Swan. Kelvin and Desmond were part of the Dharma Initiative. (Remember, Desmond referred to the Other's as Hostiles). Also what is interesting is that everything Mikhail said is true, except that he was never part of Dharma.

    So the answer to the Mystery is that the Others did not know the consequences themselves. They may have believed it was similiar to "enter 77" and would provide a good way to rid the losties of their weapons.
    Thanks to MikeQuinn007 for alerting me to this

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