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    Missing Clue in Pilot
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    Ever since the Pilot of Lost people keep asking in forums/blogs/comments etc about this alleged missing clue from Pilot. Thanks to back_gammon for compiling this for us to put the record straight once and for all.

    In the April 16, 2007, podcast, Damon & Carlton state definitively that there's no missed clue in the Pilot. The whole thing is a false rumor. There's nothing in the Pilot that has not been addressed directly in the show in a way that's obvious to the viewer. At the time of the podcast, the one remaining puzzle was Charlie's question, "Guys where are we?" The location of the island had not been revealed then. While we still don't know exactly where the island is, we have an explanation for why we don't know. It's constantly moving.

    The Official LOST podcast April 16, 2007

    It takes a few minutes to load.

    Transcript of the germaine portion of the podcast. I personally did the transcript last year, but if you don't trust my word, please listen to the podcast for yourself. Damon and Carlton discuss the missing clue matter near the end of the podcast.

    Cuse: Here’s another thing you can clear up, Damon.

    Damon: Yeah!

    Cuse: This is from “Faciana Aa..ave…” (Cuse tries to pronounce name

    Damon: Don’t even bother.

    Cuse: I won’t.

    Cuse: reading question from Faciana Aave“I recently posted a topic in the plot forum regarding something I read stating that either Damon or Carlton had said there was a vital clue in the Pilot episode. It turns out this topic has come up several times but no one can ever cite the source and now I’m asking definitively did we all miss something groundbreaking in the Pilot? If not, have we at one time missed something that has since been discovered? It would be awesome if you guys could clear this up”

    Damon: A plot, a mystery in the Pilot?

    Cuse: Yes, something…I think this is actually, this must be a false rumor. I don’t – I honestly don’t think that there’s anything in the Pilot that we haven’t addressed that isn’t obvious to viewers of the show. There is no sort of embedded, secret coded, undiscovered clue in the Pilot that has not yet been unearthed.

    Damon: Yeah, kinda going down the list of the Pilot mysteries that are presented --- with the exception of Charlie saying “Guys where are we?” I think pretty much, you know, you’ve seen what moved the trees, and you know what Locke’s secret was, and you know what the source of the French transmission at the end of the episode was. You know what Kate did, you know what Sawyer’s letter says.

    Cuse: And even if it’s a bit of an extrapolation, we know that the Alcatraz island was a zoology station and Sawyer was locked in a polar bear cage, so you at least know that the Dharma Initiative was doing polar bear research and the polar bears probably escaped at some point and swam across the channel and got on the island, so you even know really the source of the polar bears if not the specific nature of the polar bear research that the Dharma Initiative was doing. Right?

    Damon: Right.

    Cuse: Okay, that’s one mystery down. We actually answered, I just wanted one question that was actually gonna---

    Damon: Make people feel some sense of definitive conclusion.

    Cuse: Yes, exactly.

    Source: back_gammon

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