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    Who is Ms.Hawking?
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    Thanks to GregDean for the following.

    As seen in "316" and partly in earlier episodes, Ms. Eloise Hawking is a woman based at a church in Los Angeles that is built upon the DHARMA Lamp Post Station, which is used to identify the location of where The Island is going to be in the future. Ms. Hawking's goal is to help Benjamin Linus recruit the Oceanic Six to return to the Island, and guides Jack towards finding a way to make John Locke the "proxy" for his father, Christian Shephard, in an effort to replicate the events of Oceanic Flight 815 on the flight of Ajira Airways 316.

    Ms. Hawking is also Daniel Faraday's mother, and (IS MOST LIKELY) the young woman known as Ellie that Daniel Faraday meets on The Island in 1954, who he feels reminds him of someone he knows.

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